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The mysterious creatures that make up the ‘JAF’ of JAF Ink are an enigmatic creative triad, rogues and wizards and bards alternatingly. They've roamed the streets of Abu Dhabi, New York, and various artistically poignant cities across the globe, seeking adventure and inspiration.


During their ventures, JAF discovered that art, in its many forms, was a language that required expression. So in 2015 they decided to construct an enviornment where they could ensure that the residents of Abu Dhabi (and beyond), young and old, had an outlet where their own definition of art could manifest.

Collectively, their foray into all things art, from the written word to indescribable acts of nerdy camaraderie, began at an age that would require the TARDIS to reach, and allowed them to acquire degrees in fields such as Publishing, International Affairs, and Law, all to nurture and enhance said art. 


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