Get to Know: A of JAF

Dear Lovely Potential Creators, I'm the A of JAF (no, it's not just a random string of letters we've come up with), though I've been known to go by any variation of my actual name (including some outliers) which is long, Arabic, means 'deer,' is often mispronounced and will probably never be written in full. (yes, like Bambi) I'll be (one of) your humble and most honoured blogger(s) on this journey where we shall form a community of like-minded, creative individuals, offering inspiration and honest opinions on the random geekery that I love. I specialise in the wonderful world of Children’s Literature, especially Young Adult (teen) Sci-Fi/Fantasy, as well as having acquired some editorial pr

Get to Know: J of JAF

Greetings, I am J of JAF co-founder of JAF ink, protector of the Realm, Master of the Universe. I am hermit who grew a beard and moved to a cave far away from civilization (but close enough for wifi to work). I am searching for Gandalf the White in order to learn the art of Wizardry, side adventures, and perfect fireworks. I also enjoy Science fiction/Fantasy and Horror novels and movies, especially 80's and 90's horror. It all started at the tender age of 5 when I walked into the living room innocently, (to enjoy whatever it is that five year olds enjoy, cartoons? cartoons) only to realize there was a giant human bug on TV. Now, contrary to what you would expect a normal child to do, for

Get to Know: F of JAF

F of Jaf. Ninja. Hippie. Time Lord. Lover of music, film, food and everything in between. Favorite color is blue. Favorite football team is Arsenal. Favorite hair is big. Favorite emotion is magic. Favorite hobbies are reckless. Favorite people are warriors. I have spent my formative years crafting the art of perpetual sarcasm and undeniable wit. Part Asshole part Snickerdoodle Cookie my love of all things amazing is also my weakness. Easily bored and ridiculously passionate, I believe in the power of creativity and community to save babies and make this world a beautiful place. Now dance spider monkeys.

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