Book (of the Month) Club

JAF Ink's Book Club is a monthly Abu Dhabi-based book club created by us in order to connect with fellow Bookdragons in the Emirates. 


Since the three of us have very different literary tastes, we've decided to give ourselves, and by proxy everyone who wants to join, a greater freedom when embarking on our monthly reading adventures by giving you an option of not 1, but 3 books to read along with us each month! Exciting, right?

••••Each month, we at JAF announce a new theme as well as our individual  Book Club picks that fit that theme on Instagram.

••••Additionally, at the end of each month, we invite all those who will be in Abu Dhabi, whether they've read 1% or 100% of the book, to meet up and discuss the books in a cozy cafe or park with us (☕️🌴 location and time announced on Instagram).

Feel free to contact as anytime about the Book (of the Month) Club:

Past Books
November "Sugar Skulls"
A of JAF's Pick
October "Bump in the Night"
A of JAF's pick
August "Discovery"
A of JAF's pick (box available for purchase)
July "History"
F of JAF's pick (box available for purchase)
July "History"
A of JAF's pick
February "Love"
F of JAF's Pick
February "Love"
A of JAF's Pick
March "Inspiration"
J of JAF's pick
January "Fantasy"
A of JAF's pick
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