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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ink Crate?

Ink Crate is a bimonthly (every other month) themed book-and-creativity subscription box curated by us here at JAF Ink.

What does each Ink Crate contain? 

Each Ink Crate will contain one book (that fits our Book of the Month Club theme) and 4-6 items that either aim to inspire your creativity and/or are created by local artists and creators.

How do I know what the theme of next month's Ink Crate will be? 

We announce the theme of the next month's Ink Crate on the home page of our website, as well as on our social media accounts.


How much does each Ink Crate cost? 

We offer three types of subscriptions with three price points:

  • One-Time Purchase (you receive a single box) - 280AED

  • Continuous (minimum two months, you will keep receiving Ink Crates until you tell us to pause/end your subscription) - 250AED

  • 3-month prepaid (you will receive three boxes) - 630AED

I want a box as a gift, do you offer custom boxes? 

Yes we do! Custom boxes start at 300 AED, and contain the same number of items as a regular Ink Crate, but in the theme of your choice. We also offer a limited amount of past boxes as gift options for 250 AED.


How do I pay for my Ink Crates? 

We provide two forms for our three different payment options, Cash On Delivery (COD), Bank Transfers, and Paypal. For cash on delivery, you simply pay when you receive your box. If you want to pay through Paypal, please fill out the Paypal form and make sure to sign into Paypal to make the payment. Alternatively, we have an automatic continuous payment option for those who want to use Paypal without the hassle!


You provide 3-Month Prepaid, how does payment work? 

Just like for our other options, you can pay for our 3-Month Prepaid with COD, Paypal, or Bank Transfers. If you want to pay Cash on Delivery, you will pay once you receive the first of your three boxes.


How do I pause or cancel my subscription? 

If you'd like to pause or cancel a continuous subscription, all you have to do is send us an email indicating so ( Please note, that cancellations must be done before the 28th of the month in order to be valid (if you cancel after the 28th, you will still receive and be expected to pay for the next month's box). 

When will I receive my package?

 Unless otherwise announced, we send out the boxes during the first two weeks of the month, so you should be receiving the package (depending on when you schedule your delivery) any day during that week. :-)

Please allow 2 - 3 days for delivery after submitting your order. 

How do I schedule a delivery? 

We use various courier services to deliver our Ink Crates. You should receive a phone call or message from the courier to get your exact delivery location and a suitable delivery date.

I received a Fragile item from JAF Ink, but it arrived broken, what do I do?

 We're so sorry about that! Just send us an email ( or a DM with a picture of the broken item and we will have it replaced as soon as possible, at no extra charge. 


Do you ship internationally? 

Not yet. We currently only ship within the UAE, but hope to be expanding internationally soon!


I'm an artist and I'd love to collaborate, how do I do that? 

Just email us ( or send us a DM through our social media accounts!

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