🎬 Teaser Trailer Tuesday! Love in the Time of Global Warming by Francesca Lia Block

Teaser Trailer Tuesday is a new Book Blog Meme/Tag that we're starting at JAF Ink where one of our illustrious members posts a short and enticing review of a book they've read and recommend (or don't receommend, it all depends), without giving too many details/plot points away. Much like a teaser trailer!

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A of JAF's Tempting Tease: A modern, dystopian retelling of The Odyssey set in post-tsunami/earthquake devastated LA filled with lyricism, beauty, and diversity.

I wanted to love this book, and, at times, I really did, finding myself ensnared by the descriptions. But every time the prose would draw me in, the overhanded THIS IS WHAT THIS PLOT IS BASED ON in your face passages would snap me right out. I feel like there was a little too much telling, to many comparisons to the Odyssey or famous paintings/painters, enough so that the similes and comparisons ended up feeling forced and out of place.

This book has it's moments of beauty, and the author's writing can be very lyrical and rich, but by the end I felt like she was trying so hard to underscore the similarities between Homer's epic and Pen's journey that the story wound up losing its allure and its ability to make me suspend disbelief.

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