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🎬 Teaser Trailer Tuesday! Ghosts of Heaven by Marcus Sedgwick

Teaser Trailer Tuesday is a new Book Blog Meme/Tag that we're starting at JAF Ink where one of our illustrious members posts a short and enticing review of a book they've read and recommend (or don't recommend, it all depends), without giving too many details/plot points away. Much like a teaser trailer!

Want to participate? Just comment in the post and link back to us in your blog post and we'll share what you've reviewed!


Rating: 🐲🐲🐲🐲/5

A of JAF's Tempting Tease: You ever finish reading a book and just not know how to express your feelings about it? Well, that’s me with Ghosts of Heaven by Marcus Sedgwick. It was my third book of the year and a book I’ve had on my shelf for over three years now.

My inability to express my feelings isn’t a reflection of a bad book, quite the opposite. Ghosts of Heaven is a very unique, slightly strange, and highly thought-provoking book told in 4 “quarters” set in four different time periods (pre-historic to distant future) with only humans and the idea/concept/theme of spirals connecting them.

Sedgwick himself says in the introduction that the quarters can be read in any order, creating different meanings or interpretations for the reader, which in turn adds another level of weirdness and uniqueness to the reading experience.

It’s not a book I’d recommend to everyone, but it is a book I’d recommend.I don’t make sense do I? It’s okay, I’m seeing spirals everywhere. Don’t believe me? Look at your fingerprints.

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