🎬 Teaser Trailer Tuesday! Uzumaki Spiral Into Horror by Junji Ito 🐚

Teaser Trailer Tuesday is a new Book Blog Meme/Tag that we're starting at JAF Ink where one of our illustrious members posts a short and enticing review of a book they've read and recommend, without giving too many details/plot points away. Much like a teaser trailer!

Want to participate? Just comment in the post and link back to us in your blog post and we'll share what you've reviewed!


J of JAF's Tempting Tease:

Spirals appear everywhere, haunting the quaint Japanese town of Kurōzu-cho. The obsession with the spirals and paranoia spreads throughout the town like wildfire. The unsettling imagery and effects that Ito employs in the story stay with you even after putting the manga down.

The simplicity of the plot is what makes it a great horror manga, Ito has personified a mere shape. The images of how differently the characters are affected and deranged by the spirals in each chapter linger in the subconscious and deliver an eerie vibe about the town and the epidemic.

Dubbed a masterpiece of horror, I can not help but agree with this statement. I am not a big fan of manga, but Uzumaki certainly delivers with a fast pace and hypnotic drawings.

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