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Poetry Submission - Khawla Khalid

Another fantastic submission by Khawla Khalid, a high school student, inspired by Romeo and Juliet!

A perfect let up to our Shakespeare themed March Ink Crate (get your own here!)


Beware of love,

Beware of love, my dear

It has made kings, look like fools

My love you for you is no joke

My love for you is no joke, my dear

It burns as bright as sun

It’s as deep as the sea

And as strong as a storm,

The winds of which destroying kingdoms to rubble.

My love for you is no joke, my dear

It’s infinite like the universe

Everlasting like time

Rare like the diamonds unearthed from the ground below

My dear, my love for you is no joke

The tales of which will be heard for centuries to come

Legends of which will be praised

The songs of which will be sung

My heart,

Your prisoner, your slave, your puppet

Your eyes,

It’s capturer, it’s master, it’s owner

My love for you is no joke, my dear

My love for you is no joke.

-Khawla Khalid

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