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🎬 Teaser Trailer Tuesday! Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

Teaser Trailer Tuesday is a new Book Blog Meme/Tag that we're starting at JAF Ink where one of our illustrious members posts a short and enticing review of a book they've read and recommend (or don't recommend, it all depends), without giving too many details/plot points away. Much like a teaser trailer!

Want to participate? Just comment in the post and link back to us in your blog post and we'll share what you've reviewed!


Rating: 🐲🐲🐲🐲.5/5

A of JAF's Tempting Tease: In its most simplistic terms, I'd describe Nevernight as a book centred on a Hogwarts-like assassins school for the Arya Starks of the world (mostly) set in a post-Caesar era Rome-influenced fantasy world.

But that's a very crude (though, fitting, in my opinion) and, again, simplistic summary. It doesn't touch upon the complexities of this world, how compelling the narrator is, how the third person narrative manages to be humorous and insightful at the same time, how the footnotes convey that same occasionally-sarcastic humour, how the violent reality of the lives these children will face (for even if they are fighting to become assassins, they are still, after all, children) and the corruption in their all-but-despotic ruler and government undercuts everything they do.

And damn if I don't just love Mia and her shadow-cat.

Warning: this book has its fair share of violence and sexual content. But for all of us who've read anything by George R. R. Martin or Sarah J. Maas, it's child's play (no, not the Chucky movie)

Read it if you like intricate fantasies with awesome main characters, a well-built world, a fair share of action, and a good enough twist to make you want more.

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