✍️ NaNoWriMo: Week 4 of Pantsing

Ah, the homestretch, the finish line.

Not sure what else to say about Week 4, honestly. I feel like week 4 is either the luxurious end of that ride I (so brilliantly) used as an analogy in last week's post. Or it's you being suspended upside down after it malfunctions.

Fun analogy right?

I am (mostly) joking. At this rate, you as a writer are either galloping towards those brilliant 50,000 words, already surpassed them (to those who have done so, you are brilliant, I salute you) or desperately trying to write as much as possible before the dreaded midnight on the 30th hits.

I, as a Pantser, have not quite reached desperation, but that is not to say that my NaNo is a brilliant work of literature. I am not sure it can even be considered a 'work' of anything, really, especially towards the end where I all but spiraled into internal monologues and 2000s caliber MySpace/Xanga posts. But, somewhere between my proclamations of how tired I was (which, happened a lot more often than you can imagine) there were threads of stories. Stories that varied from fantasy to crime thrillers, to post-apocalyptic musings, but stories nonetheless. I must have started (and abandoned) at least fifteen, if not more, stories in the course of this NaNo. I finished zero of them.

But that is okay. Because, as I said before, what matters is the fact that I dedicated the time to write. I took time everyday, even when I was tired (which, oh me God, if you read any of what I've written you'd think I was in a perpetual state of tiredness), to sit down and work on something, anything. Sometimes, I loathed what I wrote, sometimes, I actually enjoyed it, but each and every time I understood that I was creating something, achieving something.

Which is awesome.

And so are you.

So, in these last fourty-eighty hours that are left (or more, depending on where you reside on this earth), I wish you WriMo's out there, those casually strolling past the finish line and those making a mad dash towards it, the best of luck. Whatever your word count may be on December 1st, remember that you have created something this month, and you should be so proud of yourselves.

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